Saturday, March 16, 2013

Small Victory

I haven't been happy at work. Part of it is that four of us are toiling away in an office designed for two, max. I really can't stand this much togetherness. It's making me crazy!

Another thing that's bothering me is the work itself. We got a new, rather high profile assignment. It's an expansion of what I've been doing for the last (gulp!) eight years, only finally with a budget. It's something I'd normally tear into with the same relish that I approach a ribeye.

Except for my boss.

He had a vision for this that surprised me because it seemed so over-the-top and inappropriate. Our client is a highly conservative, middle American company and I believe strongly that they wanted work that reflects that. I worked on a concept that was sincere and authentic, reflecting what we had done with moderate success for them on a far smaller scale in the past.

My boss was openly derisive. "If your approach is so good," he asked, "why do they only have 4% market penetration?"

Oh, please! Because I never had a budget before! I could have developed the most brilliant campaign ever, but if no one sees it, it can't work!

I couldn't believe my boss was being so bitchy. I was also disheartened that he acted as though my past work was completely MY work -- like instead of being the supervisor who approved everything I did, he was on vacation in Belgium or something.

I tweaked my concepts but stood by them rather stubbornly. He was not pleased.

We had an internal review. He presented his vision with jokes and humor and enthusiasm. Then he got to mine -- which he'd pinned on the bulletin board much higher than my 5'2 frame could possibly reach, so I assumed he was presenting. No. He handed the meeting over to me with no fanfare whatsoever. I thought it was a disaster.

Well, guess what ...

Beginning Monday, we'll discuss how to make MY concept work for Thursday's big presentation. My boss seemed tired when he gave me the news. No praise, of course.

Like I said, it's a small victory.

I like doing my work. I like my client. I just really don't like the agency I work for. I hope the economy gets better ... soon ... so I can leave. Of my own volition. I hate going to work every day to a job I don't like because it feels like the best I can do. It weighs me down. Makes me sad. And makes any other bump in the road feel that much bigger.

Oh well, I'm a little over two weeks away from vacation.

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  1. Good on you. Sounds like you really know your client, and created something based on that knowledge. Bossman needs to chill. Where you headed on vacation this time?

  2. I feel ya, sister!

    Let me say that the energies that are floating around now (from a woo perspective) are exacerbating all of this so you're not the only one feeling the stress. (If that makes you feel any better!)

    Hang in there - better energies are on the way and you'll get a chance for some pampering and relaxation away from the soupy mix of your co-workers and their emotions.


  3. I'm sorry your current work situation is such a grind. What with the ukelele playing office mate and the obnoxious boss...

  4. since your mother's passing your post have been reflecting your stress, fears and it seemed you have been pulling into yourself. praying you will be able to come out of the shell and have your joy return soon. loving and praying for the Ol' Gal to rally again.