Monday, November 26, 2012

I don't feel like it

"It" is anything. I don't feel like doing anything.

Last night, while en route to dropping off Andrea's gift for The Giving Tree at Whole Foods, I found myself in the middle of a woman's bumper. She was so excited about being able to turn right onto the busy street that she neglected to look at what was right in front her -- which would be me. And she was angry at me. She even asked me if I wanted her to kick my ass! She was so obviously wrong, and her temper was so ridiculously over the top, that I thought she was kind of funny.

But then tonight, while taking the train home, my seatmate loudly accused me of trying to push her off the seat. I was doing no such thing. In fact, I was taking up very little space, as I was using my Kindle Fire and didn't even need to turn the page of a newspaper or magazine. I know that a lot of commuters are angry about the new cars, and she seems to be one of them. Hostility was just radiating off her. And because of our close proximity, I found it hard to find any humor in the situation. I mean, we were physically touching.

And I talked to my kid sister today. She is finally done cleaning out our mother's house and has been on the phone to people who run estate sales. And, she told me, "You were right. No one will even discuss doing a sale now until after January 1." Being right doesn't mitigate our being responsible for another month of utilities and now snow removal. (And I promise, it will snow before mid-January.) Plus, I'd really like this behind us. It will be four months on January 13, and four months to get out of the house is too long, and it's not healthy.

So I'm just kinda blue right now. Fortunately I have a loudly purring Joey right here, giving me his fat and loving support.


  1. I'm sorry. It sounds like you had a miserable day. I hope today's better...

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh geez, what rotten encounters with people. I wonder what it is about holidays that bring out the worst in some people?

    I hope your Tuesday was and your Wednesday is better than Monday. And I'm glad you got the chance to make happy memories at your various birthday functions :)