Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Better living through chemistry

I realized during my mother's service that, even though he died nearly two years ago, I'm still not over her baby brother, my uncle.

At my mom's house I found a letter I wrote him in "Agust 13, 1967" when he was in Viet Nam. Lined paper, torn from my spiral school notebook. "I hear you were in battle. I bet it wasn't fun. Please don't get hurt!" Do you realize he kept that in his foot locker, brought it home, and took it with him every time he moved over the decades until he died? He and I, we loved each other.

I didn't expect to still feel so bad about him. It makes me wonder when the full impact of my mother's death will hit me. 

Consequently, I haven't been sleeping. I am desperately tired, but cannot sleep.

I called my doctor, who told what I am going through is not unusual. She gave me a prescription for sleep meds. Hopefully, if I take a pill at bedtime, soon I'll resume sleeping through the night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Today is Wednesday. I have four nights, really, to sleep. I'd prefer not to take the meds before I have to be back at work Monday morning.

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  1. Even though you'd rather not take the meds, you really should. Your body needs the sleep.