Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shame on me

I admit I have a guilty pleasure -- luring RWNJs into silly arguments on Twitter. Yesterday I had this one foaming. She kept calling me names and I just kept saying things like, "We have never met. What other delusional ruminations do you have about my character?" I got her to swear and then I tweaked her for her vulgarity and small vocabulary. The cooler I stayed, the angrier she got.

It was a good way to work through my hostility at my boss. I suppose it was mean, but it did seem to make her happy to call me "morally bankrupt," "full of bullshit," "hypocritical asshole" and "a member of the sisterhood of the bicycling fish."

Still, I really should stop doing this. It's immature and coarsens the discourse and besides, I kinda wonder if this poor woman is all there.

It would be more productive to run on the treadmill at lunch, wouldn't it? I do feel bad now that it's over.


  1. It took me a minute to figure out RWNJs. But I did snicker along with you!

  2. How do I not follow you on Twitter?! Holy monkeys, I would have liked to see that.