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I bet at least one of these will work its way into your conversation.  If you're hungry for more fun facts,  find them at Guinness Book of Records' official site.

1) Best-selling children's book series: Harry Potter

2) Most successful author: James Patterson

3) Most successful movie ever produced in Canada: Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

4) Most prolific video game character: Super Mario has appeared in more than 200 different games

5) First female to star in her own comic book: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle in 1937

6) Longest running quiz show: It's Academic, where different high school students compete, has been on continuously since 1961. High school senior Hillary Rodham (shown) was a member of the Maine South High School Team that appeared in 1965. NOTE: After graduation from high school, college and law school, Hillary Rodham went on to marry Bill Clinton.

7) Oldest salsa dancer: Sarah Paddy Jones won first prize in a Spanish dance competition in 2009 when she was 75 years old

8) Highest paid child actor: Angus T. Jones, who was born in 1993 and plays the 1/2 man of Two and a Half Men, earns $250,000/episode

9) Oldest driver to win the Indianapolis 500: Al Unser Jr. was 5 days shy of his 48th birthday when he won in 1987

10) Shortest movie stuntman: Kiran Shah, shown here, is 4'7" and worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. NOTE: As a stunt man, Mr. Shah didn't play a specific role. He performed stunts on behalf of many of the actors in the LOTR.

11) Youngest performer to win an Oscar: Tatum O'Neal was 10 when she accepted the award for Paper Moon in 1974

12) Most television programs watched live by a single audience member: Italy's Alessandro Cocco has been the audience of more than 27,000 TV shows

13) Oldest Ruling English Monarch: The current Queen Elizabeth is 86. She beats her grandmother, Queen Victoria, who passed away at age 81.

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  1. What a cool idea for a Thursday Thirteen! Love this!

  2. Did he play the golum? I can't figure out what Hillary Clinton's picture goes with. I enjoyed this list.

  3. most blogging hours me Sandy

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Not playing the 13s this week myself (planning a blockbuster for next week, though) but I enjoyed yours very much, esp the stuntman item. I once included the guy inside the Star Wars' R2-D2 robot suit in a 13 I wrote some time back (A Baker's Dozen of Famous People Named Baker)

  5. An interesting list. Not surprised by number one, but maybe a bit by number two. I certainly haven't read him--at least not yet. Thanks for visiting!

  6. I remember It's Academic. They have something to it here.
    thanks so much for the tagging!!!!

    Have a great T-13!

  7. James Patterson? Really?

  8. I didn't know Queen Elizabeth is actually 86 already. She's looking pretty good for her age, I think.

    Great post, lots of tidbits. I used to be really into World Record trivia when I was a kid. Fun!


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