Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want my best friend to get over himself already! He behaved badly (we all do at times) and I busted him for it (he deserved it), and yet somehow in his mind I'm the baddie. I'm not apologizing because I haven't done anything wrong. I did send him one last email on the matter, explaining that if I don't stick up for myself and my feelings, no one will, and that's that. On this subject. Knowing him, and knowing how loathe he is to admit when he's "wr..." (see clip below), I have also given him a trio of unrelated emails to respond to, so he can keep the lines of communication open and still save face.


  1. Gal,
    I did read the previous post about wanting to know if said donation was received (consciously) by BF. I would want to know and have it acknowledged as well. I don't believe you to be out of line for "sticking up" for yourself.

    I hope he responds to one of the emails you threw out there so as to keep communication open. I wish we could all own up to our mistakes. I make a lot of them so I have to do so frequently.

  2. I love that Fonz clip. And you're right, your Bestie needs to get over himself.

  3. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Hopefully he will come around, and soon. It's kind of hard when your best friend is a guy-they just don't get it sometimes. Not intentionally of course, they just do not understand the difference in how they see a situation and how a woman sees the same situation.