Friday, April 27, 2012

Tribute to Abby

Ever since 2012 dawned, I have started my workday walking past the card shop in our office building. And little Miss Abby Cadabby of Sesame Street fame has greeted me from the window. I actually looked for her, and enjoyed seeing her. But apparently so did someone else! In the words of Hall & Oates, "She's gone!" I even went into the store and checked all the shelves, but my Abby is gone. I hope she's bringing happiness to a little girl a little more demographically appropriate (like 51/52 years younger than I).

Lyrics | Hall & Oates - She’s Gone lyrics

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  1. I found it on Amazon and *almost* got it for you when you originally posted about it but thought you would think I was a dorkass.

    Now I know better! heheh That is the cutest little doll ever!


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