Friday, April 27, 2012

I wish she wouldn't

She's baaaack! Kathy, that is. First she called when my mom was in the hospital, offering to give me a ride to visit. I thanked her but told her I was good.

Now she bought me The Presidents Club. No reason, just because. She's heard a lot about it and the more she hears, the more certain she is I would like it.

I am dying to read it. I'm just not dying to see Kathy again.

I don't want to hurt her feelings. I don't want "revenge" for what she did. I just want this relationship to fade away.

I thanked her for thinking of me but was completely noncommittal about getting together. I can't very well say, "mail it to me." That would be mean and again, I don't want to be cruel. But I don't have the stomach to deal with her anymore.

I know I'm being passive-aggressive, which isn't normally my style, but you know what? I already feel like she's victimized me enough and that I do resent. I'm pissed that she's putting me in the position of having to deal with this unpleasantness. And so I'm not gonna. I'm going to do the bare minimum to be polite and hope she gets the message.


  1. I hope she gets your message. How awkward for you.

  2. PS--that book sounds really interesting!

  3. So what did you ultimately do?


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