Saturday, February 25, 2012

The time approaches!

My annual spa getaway (like the professional baseball season) is little over a month away. I am returning to Colonial Williamsburg and this past week I booked my spa services.

Day 1 -- Advanced Alpha Hydroxy Facial to "soothe, replenish, and firm dehydrated or sensitive skin." Then a Longevity Pedicure, which is supposed to last and last.

Day 2 -- My "historically-inspired" spa day. As the website says: "Colonial Herbal Spa Experience. This wonderful spa experience begins with a warm and soothing aromatic foot bath inspired by a historic herbal recipe from Toilet de Flora. Next, our delightful orange and ginger body scrub softens the skin and invigorates the senses. Historically, orange and ginger were imported and used in the apothecary for a variety of remedies. This recipe of yesterday has been carefully re-created in a modern way. A warm wrap follows the scrub to encourage increased circulation and ease muscle tension. This memorably luxurious experience finishes with a Williamsburg Massage using 18th-century-inspired oil."

Day 3 -- A 90-minute hot stone massage.

I've booked each of these sessions for about 3:00 so I can get plenty of sight seeing and shopping in before my daily pampering.

If you're jealous of me, I understand.