Saturday, February 04, 2012

Glass half full

I went to the endodontist this morning ... and was there until late into the afternoon. The root canal my dentist thought I needed is a definite. Ooooh. Ick. There goes another $800* on top of the $600 I knew I'd be spending for the porcelain crown.

Normally I'd be pissed about this.

Except that the endodontist initially warned me that she was afraid the tooth might need to be pulled and I'd need a bridge. THAT IS SO NOT GOOD!

So, while I'm unhappy about the unexpected expense of the root canal, I am relieved the doc believes the tooth can be saved.

*That's an estimate. I'm so confused at this point about what my dental insurance will and won't pay for that I'm trying to just let it go.


  1. at 66 i am so happy to have my own teeth! yes going to the dentist getting dental work of any type is a budget buster!
    after my last couple of trips...i am praying that is it for a while.
    i don't envy you...ugh!

  2. It was an expensive day for both of us. Blah.

  3. Yikes! I've never even had a cavity, but the idea of a root canal terrifies me.

  4. I sympathize with your feelings, but let's just be positive and trust that your good dentist will do her best to save it. The prices be steep, but if it's for the better, then maybe you should give it a go.

    Jesse Hake

  5. Jesse Hake, I thought it made it clear that is indeed what I'm doing.