Friday, August 05, 2011

The saga of Vivi and Sidalee

Tonight kicked off our community's book fair, a 2-day event to benefit the public library. Every year there's a book that you see time and time and time again. The book that many locals enthusiastically bought and then decided (almost in unison) that they were done with it and would never read it again. I always make a mental note of the title that wins each year's dubious honor.

In 2006, it was The Corrections.
In 2007, The Nanny Diaries.
In 2008, The Da Vinci Code.
In 2009, My Life by Bill Clinton.
In 2010, Scarlett, the Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone with The Wind.
In 2011, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

This year, most of the books I picked up were for the troops (yes, one of them is the Ya-Ya Sisterhood). I'm pleased by how gently used they are, and I like thinking of the escape they will provide our soldiers.


  1. Back in November I noticed quite a few copies of both 1984 and Animal Farm so I guessed that the local high school either replaced their copies or updated the curriculum and excluded those two. Usually though, I don't notice multiple copies of books as most of the books for sale are books from the library shelves that are no longer needed.

  2. I love looking for multiple copies in book sales like that--gives me ideas for my book group.