Saturday, June 11, 2011

She likes it! She REALLY LIKES IT!

For her graduation, I gave my niece a Beatles* wallet filled with cash to use now and giftcards to Bed, Bath & Beyond to help her decorate her first dorm room this fall. At the last moment, I decided to add a little something: a 2011 charm on a simple silver chain.

She thanked me warmly, for that is what she does. But since she is always so polite and grateful for the gesture, I wasn't sure if she liked the gift. That's why I'm happy to see her wearing it in all the Facebook photos of her with her friends, post-graduation.

* She's a huge fan, as all the best people are


  1. What a fun gift--the wallet and the charm. And I know what you mean, it's nice to see it being enjoyed.

  2. You are definitely an awesome aunt. I would have loved to have gotten a charm like that for my H.S. graduation, especially as I didn't get a class ring or anything like that.

  3. You're a wonderful gift giver - very thoughtful and sweet. I know what a treat it is to see the recipient wearing something you've given them when they didn't "have to" (which means they really like it!). YEY!

  4. ...thanks, now I've got visions of Sally Field dancing in my head... :-/

    But I am glad she likes it. Younger ones are so dang hard to tell what they're really gonna like versus what they tell you they like because that's what they think you want them to like.