Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Looking for a Love

1. When you were single, or if you are single, what's the best way to look for love? In all the wrong places. No kidding. The best relationships I have had happened with the least likely people. Fix ups with that guy you know who would be just perfect for me somehow never work out.

2. Have you ever cruised online personals, even if you're married for fun? What was the reason, or if you haven't, why not? Last time I did it was to see the profile for a stone bitch, aka Freakazoid Bitch, I used to work with. Loved her photo. Her prominent adam's apple still makes her look like a pre-op tranny. Tee hee.

3. Have you ever put up an online personal? If so, how was your experience? Yes. It was a million years ago, in the Chicago Reader, before the classifieds were primarily ... um ... "adult." It was fun. I got a zillion responses, only a couple were inmates, and I had several nice dates. It's how I came to meet a nouveau Chicagoan named Ted. He was completely adorable, gentle, with a black beard and friendly blue eyes. He regaled me with the tale of his youth in Oregon. His first car was tan VW and he actually got stopped and questioned by police who were looking for a homicidal maniac named Ted who drove a car like his: Ted Bundy. Gulp.

4. Have you ever answered an online personal? If so, how did it turn out? Never answered one. Sorry.

5. Have you ever had a good experience with online dating? If not, have you had a friend/family member have a good experience? Tell us about it! My older sister met her second husband through a dating service. They seem happy.

6. Have you ever had a horrible experience with online dating? If not, someone else? Horrible? No. I did have some unpleasant dates, but then, that just goes with being single, doesn't it?

7. Back in 2004, a friend threw her husband out because she found out that he was having cyber affairs/sex with 2 women in states FAR away from them. Do you think that cybersex is actually cheating? Nah. And it wouldn't bother me unless he was online all the time, playing with himself and others. I mean, I wouldn't want to find myself competing with a keyboard for his attention.

8. Do you have any suggestions for someone as to how to stay safe using a dating service? Nothing unique to dating services. Just the usual: take your own car, meet in a public place, keep your phone on and tell all your friends where you're going and with whom. I mean, what if you found you were out with the next Ted Bundy?

9. I've heard someone say, “There's and then there's everyone else." Is this true in your experience or someone you know? Sorry, but I don't know a lot about this. Guess I'm afraid of finding myself sitting on a bar stool across from Ted Bundy. (Not really, just wanted to use the link again. Though the Bundy story is the ultimate romantic buzz kill, isn't it?)


  1. I met my boyfriend on a dating site. His first line to me? Led Zeppelin is the best cover band in the world. LOL. At least it got me to reply to him.

    Honestly though, I thought he was weird on the first date. Not creepy weird. Just, geeky weird. But somehow that geeky weird worked in his favor.

  2. I want to thank you for making me blow coffee out of my nose when I clicked on your blog and saw Ted Bundy's picture there. That was a hoot !!

    Stopping by from the Saturday 9. Have a great weekend.

  3. That is too funny about that FB person.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. So how long were you and Ted an item?

  5. I feel some dating site browsing coming on--something I've never thought of doing before.