Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh, yes I am

Good at this job, I mean.

We were kicking off some new projects -- revisions of pieces done long ago. Projects like this are great because, if done efficiently and well, we make incremental revenue. One of my account execs (he has the role, but not the personality, of Pete Campbell, for you Mad Men fans), has been leaning on me a lot lately. So much so, that when I reminded everyone I'm not in on Friday (jury duty), my boss teased, "That noise you just heard was Tom's sphincter slamming shut when he realized Gal wasn't going to be here tomorrow." Later in the day, in another, similar meeting, after I kinda took over and explained what should happen and why, Tom pointed at me and said, "That's why I'm in her office all the time."

It felt good.

Assignments like these are not glamorous, not why any of us got into the business, but if done correctly they can make us look like heroes to the client. I'm glad that I know how to get the team focused for projects like this. It feels good to know Tom depends on me.

It feels good to be good at this job.


  1. i am not at all surprised you are good at your job...
    well done Gal!

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    It's good to have a *boss* who knows you're good at what you do, too, isn't it?

  3. Validation! Way to go, Gal!!!

  4. It feels really good to hear things like this.