Thursday, April 21, 2011

More than a little green around the gills

I was on schedule to make it to the office on time -- which, this morning, was 6:45, so we would have plenty of time to get to our client's downstate office for a 9:15 AM meeting. But right around the California el station, I started feeling ... ummm ... URGENT about getting downtown. I made an unexpected stop on our floor and the ladies' room, and let's say it was obvious a 2 1/2 car ride wasn't a wise undertaking for me this morning.

Fortunately my part in the presentation was pretty small. I don't know if someone else took it over for me or if it was postponed to another day. My coworker, Tom, happened to be up in his office picking up the handouts for today's meeting. I handed him my presentation materials and will find out what happened when I show up at work tomorrow.

I was home, and back in bed, before 8:00 AM. Slept until after 11:00, did laundry, had some soup, and started feeling better. Unfortunately there was no Cub game today. It would have been nice to have my heroes in pinstripes here with me a I recovered from whatever the hell it was.


  1. Ugh, at least you made it to the bathroom! Feel better soon.

  2. they really should schedule sporting events around people's illnesses more often. I know that a nice football game would make a sickday a lot more pleasant.

    (And yes, feel better soon)

  3. There's a pretty violent strand of the stomach flu going around here. I hope you're feeling much better today!

    And how thoughtless of the Boys in Pinstripes to not have a game today.

  4. Oh noes. Glad you were able to go home and take care of yourself. Feeling better now?