Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #120 -- A tribute to Miss Myrna

This Thursday 13 -- my first in years(!) -- has been inspired by the book I'm currently reading, The Help. As one of the most domestically-challenged women to ever draw breath, I was fascinated by the "Miss Myrna" housecleaning Q&A column. So here are 13 common tips I found on the Internet.

These all make sense to me, but try them at your own risk, as you cannot underestimate my knowledge of these matters.

1) Try vinegar to remove hard water stains from coffee pots.

2) Rub baking soda into your stainless steel sink with a nylon sponge to remove stubborn water stains.

3) Granite countertops will look good longer if you use a store-bought cleanser developed especially for this purpose.

4) It's important for your health to keep your refrigerator clean. Regularly remove everything from your frig and wipe the interior with a mix of baking soda and warm water. Wipe it down again, this time with plain water, and let it dry before replacing items.

5) Remember to clean the freezer once a year, too. Turn off the refrigerator and follow the directions that came with your refrigerator.

6) Vacuuming the coils keeps your refrigerator working more efficiently.

7) You can combat build up on glass shower doors with a fine mist of rubbing alcohol and water every day.

8) To reduce soap marks on your bathroom mirrors, switch from bar soap to liquid soap. The typical bar soap includes talc, which causes the residue to adhere to surfaces like tile and mirrors.

9) If you wash your clothes at a laundromat, you may wish to to use a disinfectant wipe on the tub and agitator. Wait at least 90 seconds before adding your laundry.

10) White vinegar is often successful at removing perspiration stains. Dab it directly onto the spots before tossing the garment in your washing machine.

11) Reduce the rub off from new blue jeans by washing them first, and adding a little white vinegar to the water.

12) Regular shampoo can be effective for pre-treating tomato/catsup stains.

13) Towels will remain more absorbent longer if you don't use fabric softener on them.

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  1. The idea of misting with rubbing alcohol is brand new. Very interesting list. I will have to try a few of these when I do laundry next.

    Happy TT,

    13 Paragraphs

  2. I knew #11 going to try #12.

  3. Those are some great tips. I actually use the granite cleaner on my glass stove.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  4. The Help is on my list of 10 favorite books of all time. It resonated with me. And my book group loved it. What a fun theme for your Thursday Thirteen!

  5. The only one I've tried and worked was number one. But I wrote down a few for future use. :)

  6. I'm fascinated with how many uses there are for vinegar, Baking Soda, and Salt. I have a book on each of them. Great list.
    Happy Early Easter!

  7. Hey, I'm going to try that missing with rubbing alcohol. Thanks.

  8. I will use some of those tips! thanks
    This book is one of my all time favorites!!

  9. I always meant to vacuum the coils on the refrigerator, but because they are where I don't look, I forget.

  10. I loved The Help (soon to be a movie!), but I had totally forgotten about the cleaning column.

  11. Anonymous9:26 AM

    What is this "housework" of which you speak?

    I'm hoping to return to the T-13 thingy in May.