Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Monday

This week's movie topic is all about Non-Existent Sequels... Share the movies lacking that next installment that you'd be first in line to see. Be sure to link back here to the Bumbles.

Please note: I'm not suggesting that any of these movies be made. I'm just listing movies that had characters and plots that I wanted more, more, more of, even after the lights came back up.

Good Will Hunting. This is the one who inspired this meme. How does Will adjust to his new life away from the old neighborhood? Did he ever reconnect with Skylar? Does he ever see Chuckie again? Do we ever get to see Matt and Ben onscreen together again?

Titanic. OK, I know, I know. The boat sunk. But we know how Rose's adult life began and how it ended, but what happened in between? There she is in a new country with a new last name, but nothing else. Literally, nothing else! I'd love to have known what happened next. And, speaking of epics ...

Gone with the Wind. What happens when Scarlett returns to Tara? Does she get it together and pursue Rhett, or does she fall back into old patterns and give it a shot with Ashley? What of her career? She still has the lumber mill at the end of the movie. We'll never know, of course. I don't care how many faux sequels have been written. The only one who knew what happens next was Margaret Mitchell -- after all, she knew Scarlett back when she was called "Pansy" in the original manuscript -- and she took the knowledge to her grave.


  1. Oohhh, LOVE your choices! Great ones :))

  2. Some good choices. Agree with you about Titanic, that would make a great sequel (from the photos in the film it seemed Rose had an interesting life).

  3. Good Will Hunting--you're right, I wanted the story to continue.