Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mary Peeples, You Rock!

Last night, my friend Barb and I went to see White Christmas at the Bank of America (nee LaSalle Bank, nee Shubert) Theater. For the most part, it ... well ... sucked. But two things redeemed the performance for me:

1) It snowed indoors during the finale! Real wet, white snow, not soapflakes or confetti. I can attest to this because I caught a few flakes in my palm and watched them melt. I was unabashedly thrilled.

2) Mary Peeples in the role Susan. Only 11 years old, this girl can really belt. She was completely charming with the hat and cane as she danced. She was a highlight for me, outshining castmates two, three and four times her age.

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