Friday, December 24, 2010

I love Old Bodger

When I was a little girl, as a family we went to see the original Incredible Journey at a drive in. Ever since I have wanted a bull terrier like old Bodger.

Some feel their egg-shaped heads and triangular eyes are ugly. I think their faces have an extra dimension, making them look kinda silly and sweet. A cousin to the pit bull, they're gentler and easier to train, but still very loyal and protective of their owners.

I love my cats very much, but I still hope that some day my living situation will allow me to have a bull terrier, like Bodger.


  1. So funny! I've no desire for a dog like a bull terrier, but I'm heartened that you DO! There's a lover for everyone!

  2. I totally agree--there is something goofy in their expressions.

  3. They are the most loving, funny, dogs in the world. I have had them for 20 years, and I will never have another breed. Get one soon!


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