Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidailies -- Days 12, 13 and 14

The official Holidailies prompt-writer is being a bit pissy and has relinquished the prompt-writing duties. So I am turning instead to Kwizgiver for inspiration. Even though she's a little under the weather, I know she won't let me down!

Day 12 -- What's your favorite holiday book? The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman. From the publisher: "Every year at Christmastime, Marnie and her twelve closest girlfriends gather in the evening with batches of beautifully wrapped homemade cookies. Everyone has to bring a dessert and a bottle of wine, but this year, it's their stories that are especially important."

Day 13 -- What's your favorite holiday snack? Gingerbread anything. I love gingerbread. Followed closely by spiced anything or pumpkin anything. This is a very fragrant, tasty time of year!

Day 14 -- What puts you on Santa's naughty list? Picking on those smaller or more vulnerable than you. Or disparaging someone's race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. Santa seriously hates that shit.


  1. Hey, thanks for calling me "a bit pissy"! I didn't realize anyone was following the prompts, and it seemed silly to create new threads and populate the database for nothing. We do have lots of suggestions in the prompts thread on Reddit and I hope you'll visit that for inspiration.

  2. You're welcome, Jette. And thank you for first busting me for posting too close together and then announcing that since "no one" was following the prompts, you were quitting, therefore deeming me "no one." Really, that represents our exposure to one another, and it leads me to believe you don't much enjoy your role as moderator, but Happy Holidays anyway!

  3. I came late to the game, but I was following the prompts, too. Fortunately there are some good alternatives both here and on the prompt thread.

  4. I love gingerbread. The cakey kind and the cookie kind.