Sunday, October 10, 2010

Small, intense and memorable

Never Let Me Go is a very special little film. Set in a parallel universe, where cancer and neuromuscular diseases were cured back in the 1950s, we follow three children from an English boarding school to young adulthood. We learn very early on that it's not their education that makes these children special. All the children at the school are clones, or perhaps test-tube babies, bred as spare parts for the rest of us. They are why life expectancy now reaches 100 years.

It's not a sci-fi movie. It feels more like Atonement. It's interested in how these three live, and feel about, their special existence. There's not a lot of action, it's a thoughtful character study. And it will stay with you.

It stars two popular magazine cover girls -- Kiera Knightly and Carey Mulligan -- so I'm surprised it hasn't received more buzz. If you get an opportunity to see this little arthouse film, do it.


  1. Weirdly enough, I just read a review on this novel. Had no idea it had been turned into a movie as well.

  2. I got the book a few days ago... I'm interested to read it before the video comes out.