Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Queen's Meme -- The Song Lyrics Meme

Find a song that uses this word either in the title or lyrics. Give us the title or part of the lyric that fits and the artist. Then say a little something about the tune and why you chose it. Posting a YouTube video of the song would be great, but not required. Here we go:

1. want -- "I Want to Hold Your Hand" -- For me, all music begins with The Lads from Liverpool. As Kevin Kline said in The Big Chill, "There is no other music, not in my house."

2. hell -- "Live and Let Die" -- You gotta give the other fellow hell … I've seen Macca do this in concert so many times, I involuntarily squint when I think of it, trying to adjust to the laser light explosions that I expect to accompany it

3. smack -- "Tupelo Honey" -- Sail it around the seven oceans, drop it smack in the middle of the deep blue sea … I recently discovered a cover of this Van Morrison ballad by Dusty Springfield and it's lovely (even though she changes "smack" to "straight")

4. ugly -- "Make an Ugly Woman Your Wife" -- If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife … This used to be mandatory at wedding receptions

5. beast -- "Beauty and the Beast" -- Certain as the sun rising in the east ... Beauty and the Beast -- You know how you can go forever without thinking of a song and then suddenly it comes up again and again?

6. Romeo -- "Just Like Romeo and Juliet" -- Our love's gonna be written down in history, just like Romeo and Juliet -- I can imagine Potsie singing this at Al's

7. God -- "This One" -- The swan is gliding above the ocean, a god is riding upon his back ...
I love Sir Paul's voice on this

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  1. Never heard most of these song before except the "Beauty and The Beast". I love it also


  2. Amazing we only duplicated on one. I guess that waltz from Beauty and the Beast just jumps out at you. I love "This One" beautiful son and sweet video with LInda.

  3. You had some unusual ones here. I stuck to the word in the title.

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    you and me both on #1

  5. Good answers, though I have to confess that I'd only come across three of them (though they were three I liked, including one I picked too).

  6. Great choices. I always loved Dusty Springfield. Her look and sultry voice...an icon of southern style when I was a teenager.
    I'm going to listen to her right now and Sir Paul.

  7. I forgot to reply when I came here the ohter day. I Love Dusty and your song choice for "god" is an old favourite I'd completely forgotten. I really enjoyed listening to it again.

    I so love YouTube. :-) LOL

    Great song choices!