Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Note to Self

Let's see now ... I have a pedicure scheduled for Friday, a massage booked for the 30th, even a vet appointment for Charlotte the first week in August. The one call I dread making is to the hospital to schedule my mammogram.

Last year it was an ordeal. It took weeks of worry to find out that my "suspicious" films were really "benign," with "no follow up required." I expect that, once again, my initial films will be "suspicious" and I'm really not up for replay of all that drama.

Especially not with the news I received about Kathleen last week.

But I'm a grown up. I can't rely on anyone but myself, after all, and so I have taken a big sheet of paper and written the phone number of the hospital's Comprehensive Breast Center on it. I will call tomorrow and make the heinous appointment. It's the only smart and responsible thing to do.


  1. You go, Gal! I'm having my pedicure on Saturday, my massage next Wednesday and my mammogram next April.

  2. what? You don't like boobie smishes??

    It will be fine. (HA! I should talk. Still spazzing about someday having to go for a colonoscopy!)