Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I can't stand Bob Hope, but the only thing to say is ...

"Thanks for the memory … You may have been a headache, but you never were a bore. How lovely it was …"

Lou Piniella announced his retirement Tuesday and it leaves me so sad. I love Lou. He is the only Cub manager in more than 50 years to string together three consecutive winning seasons. He so spoiled us that fans are bitching and moaning, as if the 2010 season is the worst ever. (Yeah, right. Get over yourselves, you big babies. Cub fandom is about long-term perseverance, not short-term thrills.) Lou has been the saltiest, most exciting and charismatic skipper since that lion of my youth, Durocher.

The team came through for him with a wild one, coming from behind to beat the Astros 14-7.

Even better, my friend Kathleen was at the game. She texted me from The Friendly Confines. Wednesday is an important trip to the oncologist for her. Now this is also what Cub fandom is all about -- the comfort of tradition. Thanks to Sweet Lou and the boys for taking my friend out of herself for a few hours.


  1. You can't stand Bob Hope?? Why not? He always seemed so kind, and so dedicated.

  2. Bob Hope is what you took away from impassioned Lou post? I love it.

    Bob Hope never made me laugh. Not once. Neither did his politics. And I have met more than one soldier (representing overseas deployment in more than one war) who told me he was more for the TV cameras than for the boys. So that's why I never could stand him.

    Now Lou Piniella ... I love Sweet Lou.

  3. What fun that your friend Kathleen was able to text you from the FC! And a victory! :-)

  4. I don't follow baseball, and even I know the name Lou Pinella. Probably because he managed the Yankees back in the 80s.