Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"She must be a Sox fan"

So said my 11-year-old nephew of his teacher. He believes that she is as bored with the school year as her students and is, in his words, sending kids directly to the principal's office for even minor infractions because "she's sick of them."

One of his classmates wore a brand-new Cubs' Kosuke Fukudome jersey to school and the teacher immediately pronounced it "inappropriate" and started to write him up and send him to the principal's office. It took "all the boys" to talk her out of it, reassuring her that "Fukudome" is indeed a real Cub player.

"Can you BELIEVE her?" my nephew huffed in disgust. "She thought it was a made up name! She must be a Sox fan."

I am amused that he's still innocent enough to think his teacher was upset by a "made up" name.


  1. That's really funny. And something that could definitely happen to me!

  2. The whole exchange is amusing. Lucky you're saving these quips for later in his life.