Saturday, May 29, 2010

The right ending to a good day

First Joey and I went to the vet. He hasn't lost any weight, but he hasn't gained any, either, and for a big, 14 year old cat, he's doing fine.

Then I took a nap.

Then I watched the Cubs kick St. Louis Cardinal ass. Yea!

Then I heard from my niece, who was such an asset working my oldest friend's garage sale that she's been invited back tomorrow for apres sale cleanup. Win-win. Good for my friend (who is working toward cleaning out her house and moving to California) and my niece (who is squirreling away money for college).

Then I did a little "Bob Vila work" on my bathroom (see post below).

Then I worked out for the first time in almost a month! Didn't do much -- just a half hour on the stationery bike -- but 30 minutes with my heart rate at 129 bpm was good cardio and maybe even burned off a bit of fat. But best of all, it felt good so I'll be back tomorrow.

So now I'm celebrating.


  1. tomorrow, if it's not raining...I will go for a walk.

  2. I need to exercise. Yup. I'm not gonna, but I need to.