Monday, May 17, 2010

Brand New Me: Day 2

Got home from work and began to watch the Cubs game. Then I decided to do something. So I cleaned the bathroom. I went the whole 9 yards -- the mirror, the toilet, the floor and the tub -- and looked babelicious as I did it, too! I prefer listening to an exciting game to watching it, and fortunately the Cubbies came in loud and clear on my shower radio.

So yesterday was going through the paperwork in the livingroom. This evening was the bathroom. What will tomorrow bring? With this fever to be industrious hang on?


  1. Where is my Gal? What have you done with her? This new version is making me feel bad. I want slothGal back! heh

    GOOD WORK! I'm proud of you. And at 9pm even. wowza!

  2. hmmm . . . if it keeps up I'd like to hire you :)

  3. think of all the calories you burn doing house work!!!
    maybe i should do the same???

  4. Wish I had some of your mojo.

  5. Too bad, Lisa, because I was struck by the same FEVER a few days ago. I cleaned my whole apartment, and paid all the bills and felt righteous, oh so righteous. I wish it would last forever, this feeling of fever!