Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A long, long day

On the Amtrak at 9:25.

At the client's corporate office at 12:15.

Cafeteria lunch with my least-favorite coworker at 12:30.

Client presentation at 1:00.

Back in the cafeteria at 2:30, where I return phone calls and avoid any further contact with my least-favorite coworker for the day.

At the local spa at 3:30 for a facial.

At Arby's at 4:45. No offense to the Amtrak cafe car, but Arby's is better and more reliable.

On the train by 5:50.

Rum and Coke from the Amtrak cafe car at 7:30. No offense to Arby's, but it had a greater impact than the small Dr. Pepper.

In my front door at 9:00.

Doze off on the sofa at 11-is.

Awake at 3:00 AM.


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