Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear God, NOOOOO!!!!!

THIS JUST IN!!! California's parole board denies parole for convicted killer Betty Broderick. "She was totally not remorseful, didn't even try," San Diego Assistant District Attorney Sachs said. Broderick won't be eligible for another parole hearing for 15 years -- the maximum time the law allows, he added.

So Betty stays where she is, which is where she belongs.

So Betty Broderick wants to be released from prison. Well, as my grandma would say, "in hell, they want ice water."

Betty Broderick shot her ex-husband and his much-younger, second wife as they slept. Five times. Pre-dawn. In their own bed. In their own home. That she snuck into, using a key stolen from their eldest daughter.

Her defense? They drove her to it. By sleeping in their own bed in their own home before sunrise on a Sunday morning. I can see why she felt threatened.

I hate this bitch. I admit it. She tries to present herself as a cause celebre, a feminist hero, because her husband "abused" her -- first by cheating on her after years of marriage (during many of which she supported him, admitted) and then leaving her. She claims he used all of his considerable prestige in the legal community to ruin her financially.

Aw, poor moo-cow.

Betty abandoned their children on his porch. Betty drove her SUV into their front door. Betty entered their home uninvited when they weren't home and smashed a chocolate cake on their bedroom walls. Betty left profane and harassing answering machine messages for their then-young children to hear.

She ignored every restraining order against her because rules don't apply to sociopaths like Betty. She hired and fired two separate divorce attorneys because she was so difficult to work with, then whined because she was unable to find legitimate counsel to defend her against her powerful lawyer husband.

Yet she received maintenance from her husband, even though he had custody of the children: $9,000/month, which today would be approx. $15,000/month. He also handled many of the expenses associated with her home. With that kind of alimony coming in, she never had to work after her divorce. Which is good, because a job would have cut into her time at the firing range, where she honed the skills required to shoot two sleeping people. I guess unmoving targets can present a challenge.

Her marriage didn't work out. The husband she supported for years and years dumped her for another woman, just as the gravy train pulled into the station. It's sad, it's unfair, but it happens all the time. And yet somehow, other first wives manage to not commit double homicide.

A few statistics about real domestic abuse and divorce:

• Approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. (American Bar Association)

• Many single mothers slide below the poverty line after divorce because while the ex-husband's income usually drops about 10% post-divorce, the ex-wife's falls as much as 30%.

The 1.3 million women who are abused each year, those who flee their husbands with children in tow, who trade violence for peace ... and poverty -- Betty Broderick is an insult to poor gallant women.

Not to mention to those who loved Dan and Linda Broderick, whose tombstone I include here. Kindly remember that this is where they have been while Betty answers fan mail from angry divorcees and gives jailhouse interviews. These are the victims. Not that attention junkie in San Diego.

For a more balanced account of Betty's pathetic saga, visit
I admit the old-school feminist in me cannot STAND her!


  1. Wow that is crazy! I didn't realize that it happened that much in the world.

  2. Yeah, Betty... I want a million dollars. Ain't gonna happen. Rot in jail.

  3. I hadn't heard about this but I'm with you on it. Everything has consequences and hers are to sit her butt in jail forever more. Clearly, she's got some serious issues but honey, just sit down and shut up. You are reaping what you sowed.

  4. I don't understand the reason why she even gets to ask to get out. What a head case, she needs to stay right where she is until she dies.

  5. She sounds rather disgusting. I'm glad she's behind bars.

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Emotion abuse is very real and very devastating.

    No one talks about the therapy she was in to deal with what she was told was her irrational jealousy while Linda worked for Dan. How he made her look and feel crazy while simultaneously setting in motion complete devastation of her. The alimony is always brought up but not the epstien credits.

    People should not judge someone till they have walked in their shoes.

  7. ATTENTION, HEATHER: First, how do you know I haven't walked in her shoes and endured abuse?

    Secondly, did you not read the stats at the end of the post, about the very REAL consequences of emotional and physical abuse?

    Thank you for a condescending and completely clueless comment, Heather.

  8. Anonymous3:17 PM

    It was not directed at you specifically, but for you to say you have walked in another persons shoes, especially someone you don't know, is ludicrous.

    I'm sorry your upset about my comment. From what I read it sounds to me like you don't feel she was a victim of abuse. I disagree. Let's agree to disagree.

  9. And it's ludicrous for you to heap sympathy on this woman, who disregarded every restraining order and dumped her children on the doorstep of a man she *insists* was abusive and a woman she *insists* was a whore. Instead your time might be better spend worrying about the insurance and earning capabilities of all the nameless, faceless victims of abuse -- adults and children both -- who haven't appeared on Oprah.

    And you should consider what wounds you are tearing open when you drop in on a complete stranger and sit in judgement.

    I do NOT agree with letting you call my opinions "ludicrous" on my own blog. You somehow unfortunately found your way to my musings. I hope you will respect my wishes and never return.

  10. Naundi1:41 AM

    I agree with Heather. Not everyone handle difficult situations the same. I do feel Betty actions was extreme, and yes she's totally wrong. I do feel however, that
    Dan and Linda drove her to what she did. There are no innocent parties in this matter, they are all victims.
    Betty has served enough time, I feel, she should be free to live the rest of her life.

  11. At least, Naundi, you have expressed yourself in a respectful way. My issue with Heather was that she seemed to feel qualified to decide whether or not the emotional abuse gave me the bona fides to comment on Broderick. Suffice to say, I know more about Betty than Heather knows about me, and I don't think any of our pain should be minimized.

    However, Betty has not served enough time -- not in the eyes or the court nor in my eyes -- because she does not acknowledge Dan or Linda as victims. We live in a nation of laws. Betty broke every one of them in this case. She is not sorry, nor has she exhibited that she has learned from her time behind bars. She needs to stay where she is.

  12. Anonymous6:38 AM

    ATTENTION ONE GALS MUSING: You are a very abusive person. Why have a blog if your going to attack visitors for their opinions YOU STUPID BITCH. Yeah, I said it, if you can give it then you should be able to take!!! Don't worry this will be my first and last time responding to your blog and I hope others will follow.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Why, thank you, Anonymous, who lives in Georgia, has Comcast and has nothing better to do on a Wednesday morning than search Yahoo for images of celebrity graves. You have no idea how much this comment means to me By all means, encourage your Anonymous friends to waste their time by trying to convince me that facts aren't facts. And btw, I live in Chicago. "Bitch" doesn't hurt my feelings, as it's something frequently hurled about on el platforms.

  15. I am very torn on this subject I want to think that she is an old woman and deserves to spend what years she has with her children who want her in their life and to work at mending fences with the children still bitter, however Dan and Linda (no matter how much I loath a cheater) deserved to live out their natural life also, something that this woman took away from them.
    The only decision I can come to is the only true victim in this horrible mess that is still the children. They had to endure a divorce which is hard on children of any age, then losing their father by the hands of their mother, then losing their mother as a result of her actions. The fact that in one night they become parentless in an act of rage is a very sad event in my eyes.

  16. just saw the films about this case im a 42 year old women who was treated badly by my mother who was very like Betty,for that my dad left and married a lovely lady , my dad had to walk away without us children we ended up going into care. I will admit that because of my childhood i myself can react badly to things , but i do know right from wrong , i understand anger and many other issues , but it is wrong to kill ive met many people with Narsatistic personalitys and its all about them like it was all about Betty well to her anyway ! im a mum myself now and i know that once you have children its about them , when she shot the father of there children ,she did not think of them she only cared for herself and her feelings marriages break up for lots of reasons , i dont judge anyone i have no right the biggest judge we have is our selfs . my thought are with the children who are now adults i hope they are ok . this will affect them for the rest of there lives its a very sad story