Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday night

I'm already in my pjs, farting around on the Internet and eating Town House crackers. My gut has been upset again all day and I'm really happy to be sitting here, curled up on my sofa, catching up on Monk and trading emails with my best friend.

I'm feeling very content, if a bit poopy. We made a lot of progress on our latest project -- my boss was inspired by something the other team creative did and, as a result, suggested changes to ours. I wasn't expecting our concept to move in this direction, but I'm fine with it. My art director seemed more than a little threatened by or pissed off about our boss' suggestions, but I'm all for making something better.

And I'm happy to be in contact with him more often. Because my best friend and I work in the same industry, it's good to run things past him. Everything makes more sense after I hear from him.

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