Saturday, August 22, 2009

09 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 22

Saturday. We found each other. The animal shelter that was once home to two of my cats was sponsoring an adoption event at the local Petco. I looked at all those sweet kitties and I felt my heart grow a couple sizes. Partly because I longed to take them all home with me, and partly because I feel so lucky that the cats I adopted from that shelter -- Joey and Charlotte -- came into my life. I love my big old tub of guts and my little diva so much.

If you're grateful for the furry friends in your life, it will make you happy to make a contribution to your local shelter or to the ASPCA. In this economy, charities are hit hard. Summer is especially trying for animal shelters because they have so many puppies and kittens, combined with the dogs and cats that are turned in because their owners can no longer afford them. It's a heartbreaking situation -- and it makes me just that much more grateful that I can give my cats love and stability.

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