Monday, July 13, 2009

How I spent my evening

I have devoted more than 2.5 hours to mastering my new phone (the LG Rumor). I have charged it and activated it and programmed my numbers into it. I am promised Internet service with this phone, too, but I just can't deal with this right now. I'm not especially tech savvy and this LG User Guide is literally more than 220 pages long!


  1. I have one of those so if you need some quick tips, holler. I don't know about your data plan but ours was hella expensive so I almost never used the internet on it. But happy to show you how, regardless.

  2. i got a new phone this past month...and used text the first time in my life...oh boy...this ol' grandma is getting hi-tech now!!
    good luck...i had to have my daughter and the Verizon store help me. The store was very helpful in showing me how to work the darn thing...but now I love it.

  3. I'm still in the dark ages with my cell phone. Hopefully, I'll have coverage when I go to Vermont next week.

  4. It's true! You have to commit hours to figure out how to use it. I have no patience for that. Kudos to you for mastering your phone. I need to really spend some quality time with mine.


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