Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Tunes #20 -- St. Patrick's Day Edition

Tell us your favorite Irish band/album/song and why you like them.

I am going to completely manipulate this week's meme to suit my purposes. For one of my favorite people in the history of the planet is the oldest son of Mary Patricia Mohan and her husband James ... McCartney. Both Jim and Mary were Irish-Catholic, children of immigrant stock. And so I am devoting this week's Tuesday Tunes to James Paul, or Paulie, or Junior, or Macca. Or, as he is known in some circles, Sir Paul.

Favorite Irish Band: The Beatles. Today, they are so an Irish band! For their genesis was at the Woolton Parish Church picnic ("Garden Fete") in 1957 when Mary Patricia's and James' boy was introduced to some slightly inebriated older kid who was performing there that day. Perhaps you've heard of him. Last name was Lennon.

Favorite Irish Album: Of his solo work, I like Flowers in the Dirt (1990). So many of the songs have become quite dear to me. "My Brave Face," "Put It There," "My Brave Face" ... and two of Sir Paul's sexier songs appear here -- "Rough Ride" and "You Want Her, Too" (with Elvis Costello).

Favorite Irish Song: I like both "My Brave Face" and "Fine Line" from Chaos and Creation (2005) better than the unicorn song by the Irish Rovers.

If you'd like to play along, click here.


  1. I am having a hard time choosing my favourite Irish band...so much good music comes out of Ireland.

    So...I'll say U2

    then the Pogues
    The Waterboys

  2. So wait - you liked "My Brave Face?" haha

    I always liked The Cranberries - aren't they Irish?

  3. Since Elvis Costello is part irish..you win on Flowers In The Dirt :)

  4. Your unending love for Sir Paul made me smile today.


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