Saturday, March 02, 2024

Sunday Stealing


1. What (if anything) are you doing to celebrate St Patrick's Day? I don't know. It's a couple Sundays away.

2. What is your least favorite color (to wear, to craft with or to decorate with)? I don't look good in yellow. It makes my skin look sallow.

3. At a yellow light - do you speed up or slow down? I don't drive. I like to think, though, that I'd slow down because I'd be a cautious and defensive driver.

4. How many pairs of scissors are in your craft room? I don't have a craft room

5. What are the first three items you have 'saved for later' on Amazon? 1) Arm and Hammer Cat Litter 2) Viralys L-Lysine Supplement for Cats (out of stock) 3) Fexofenadine Allergy Relief. Glamorous, huh?

6. Did you plant any springs bulbs in your garden and if so, have any of them come up yet? No yard.

7. What book, if any, are you reading right now?

Learn about it here

8. Do you prefer ball point pens, gel pens, or thin tip markers to write with? Ball points are my first choice because they are so dependable. These Stabilo markers are my second choice, for color.

9. What is your favorite crafting item - the craft item thing you use the most or can't live without? (Exclude basic items like scissors and glue). I don't craft.

10. What are the first 3 items on your grocery list and what is your favorite grocery store? Paper towels, Coke, Gerber baby food meats (for my cat, Connie). I tend to grocery shop at Target.

11. What unfinished craft projects are you working on (or not:) at the moment? I don't craft. Really, I don't.

12. What was the last item you pinned on Pinterest? Or hearted on Instagram. I don't use those social media platforms.

13. What is the biggest tourist attraction where you live? According to Tripadvisor, it's The Art Institute of Chicago.

14. What color is your favorite sweater? Blue

15. How does your family react when you get a big pile of mail? I live alone. Sorry. (I'm not at all sorry I live alone, I'm sorry I don't have a good answer to this question.)





  1. I don't craft either. I mean, I REALLY don't craft!

  2. Maybe my neighbors notice when I get a lot of mail.... who knows?

  3. Yellow and orange are my least favorite colors.

  4. The book you are reading sounds very interesting. Years back, I read Love is Eternal by Irving Stone and it was also about the Lincolns and it was excellent. I need to check out those Stabilo Markers. I like to write in color. I hope that the upcoming week is a good one for you! See you again soon!


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