Friday, July 23, 2021

The right words at the right time

Every month I have a project for a car client. It's difficult for me. I know/care nothing about cars. Writing to SEO interferes with the natural flow of my copy. Every month I feel like I could/should do this faster and more efficiently. Every month I feel like I'm failing.

I posted about it on Facebook and my old boss reached out. He'd been watching Mad Men again and said every time he saw Peggy, he thought of me. He told me he's sure I'm doing better than I think I am, that I've always been able "to do anything."  

When he sees her, he thinks me

It was very kind of him to do. His timing was perfect, too. I needed to hear it.

And maybe he was right. I received an email filled with stats from the car client. My blog posts have generated 48% more traffic, with people spending 2 minutes or more on the top-performing articles. They are reading what I write. I'm serving my client well. 

The process isn't pretty, but the results are effective.

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  1. When I did this for a trade show website, I nearly pulled my hair out. "trade show planning" "trade show booths" "trade show flooring." I had no idea how to do a trade show anyway and my interest in it was zero. Then there was a "mobility" website (it was about wheelchairs and other devices). That, too, was horrific although I had some interest in the topic since I have elderly relatives. If you can crank them out on a topic you know nothing about, and get those kinds of reports back, you are doing quality work. You're probably putting too much effort into them, to be honest, to compensate for your lack of interest and knowledge. Go get a pedicure or something. You deserve it!