Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Stealing


1. What issues are important to you? Commonsense gun laws, reproductive freedom, an end to the pandemic. I have faith that Joe Biden is the man for this moment.

2. Which breakfast foods are your favorite? If I'm not cooking, I like Eggs Benedict. If I'm in the kitchen, I like yogurt and cold cereal.

3. How often do you change your hair style? Probably not often enough. I worry about aging myself out of credibility at work. Questions like this make me realize that, when retirement arrives, I'm emotionally ready.

4. Your most peculiar talent or interests? I am fascinated by everything mid-century. I just indulged in Valley of the Dolls (1967) one more time. To paraphrase dialog from the film, it's a rotten movie, but I love it.

5. Something you’re a natural at. Words. I'm naturally very verbal.

6. Women who inspire you. My all-time idol is JBKO. Jacqueline Onassis endured more than anyone should. She handled much of it with the public staring and judging. Yet she did it her own way, mixing strength and femininity.

7. How often do you take a break from everything? Last night, I watched Valley of the Dolls.

8. What are your go to dancing songs? "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

9. Favorite carryout and takeaway foods to order. I've been longing for Chinese food lately. The place around the corner has great egg foo yung.

10. People you like to spend time with. I miss my friends! Joanna, John, Nancy ... hopefully by this time next month we'll all be vaccinated and together.

11. Hobbies you started within the last year. Mask wearing and hand sanitizing.

12. What scents, sounds, and sights of Spring do you like? I like the smell of a mowed lawn. I love the sight and sound of a bat meeting a ball, or a ball landing hard in a glove.

13. Cultural aspects you cherish and enjoy I don't understand this question. I'll be happy to see how others responded.

14. TV shows and films you liked this month. I was very moved by the Oscar contenders I saw: Trial of the Chicago 7, Compromising Young Woman, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and The Father.

15. What do people usually come to you for help with? I wish my friends had smaller problems. Let's leave it at that.




  1. A fully-vaccinated three hour visit with my parents this week was amazing! I hope you and your friends can resume your visits soon!

  2. Baseball, yes, a great spring sound

  3. I wish your friends had smaller problems, too. Unfortunately, they only get worse as we age. I did not consider masking and hand sanitizing to be hobbies, more like health care. I hope you get to visit with your friends soon!

  4. I like to keep my hair simple as I age, no fuss or hassle.
    Found your blog though Robin.
    Hope you find the time to stop in for a cup of coffee

  5. Amen to common sense gun laws. It's WELL Past the time to reign in this terror.
    Jackie Kennedy Onassis was an inspiration, and she gave her daughter some sage advice about handling hardship. She was an amazing gal.