Friday, February 12, 2021

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: My Valentine (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Paul McCartney sings that he won't let a day go by without remembering why he loves his valentine. What blessings are you thankful for today? My cat Reynaldo is eating like a champ and taking his medicine like a very good boy. He's an old man now, he's had his health troubles, and I appreciate our time together.

2) Paul directed the video of Natalie Portman translating his song into American Sign Language (ASL), which is the third most commonly-used language in both the United States and Canada. British Sign Language (BSL), commonly used in EU countries, is very different. Do you find it easy to learn new languages? No. I wish I had taken my high school opportunities to learn languages more seriously. Being able to speak Spanish, French or ASL would expand my world.
3) The song is on Paul's Kisses on the Bottom CD, for which he won one of his 18 Grammy Awards. What compliment or accolade have you recently received? I had a client refer to my work as "amazing." She meant it sincerely as a compliment, and I accepted it gratefully, but I also thought it was funny. She had no idea how difficult I'd found her project! I thought the very fact that I got it done on time was "amazing."

4) Paul is an honorary NYPD detective. He was given this designation for performing a charity concert after 9/11. Do you know anyone in law enforcement? Nope.

5) Bob Dylan has said of Paul, "I'm in awe of McCartney. He's about the only one I'm in awe of. He can do it all. He never lets up. He's just so effortless." Tell us about someone whose talent you admire. Well, I love Sir Paul and always have. But I shall mix it up a little and say Dick Van Dyke. I recently rediscovered The Dick Van Dyke Show on the Decades cable channel and he's such a delight. I didn't appreciate him when I was a little girl. He's warm and handsome and silly, all at the same time. Not many clowns are as believable as leading men. He sings and dances very well, too. Before TV fame, he won a Tony for Bye, Bye Birdie and introduced "Put on a Happy Face" (which we sang at a Girl Scout recital for our dads).

This is the last Saturday  9 before Valentine's Day and so this morning we shall focus on the upcoming holiday. 


I took this at Lolla 2015. Sigh ...
6) The holiday is also known as The Feast of St. Valentine. Do you have a special meal planned for February 14? Nope.

7) The phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve" began in medieval times. On Valentine's Day, men would celebrate the holiday by displaying their lady love's name on their sleeves. If you were going to adopt this custom, whose name would you wear? OK, here's where I'll name Sir Paul. I have loved him since I first saw him on The Ed Sullivan Show. I love him still.

8) Women buy and send more Valentines than men do. Who received the last greeting card you sent? I just mailed two "thinking of you" cards to girlfriends. One to Nancy. She's been awfully quiet on social media these days. She lost her 23-year-old son last July, and I suspect she may be missing him especially as the new year begins. The second was to Joanna. A dear friend of hers died recently. She's trying to be brave, but she's hurt. He didn't tell her he was sick, and she didn't get a chance to say goodbye. She learned of his passing from his mom.

9) Men buy and send more roses at Valentine's Day than women do. What's your favorite flower?
Carnations. Fragrant, durable and available in so many colors!



  1. Yes carnations smell so good and they remind me of High School when we had carnation day.

  2. Carnations do smell good! Loved reading your answers! Happy Saturday!

  3. Sir Paul does not let one down, that's for sure. He's a good lad. It was nice of you to send cards to your friends.

  4. It is nice that you sent out those cards, sometimes just knowing someone is thinking of you means a lot.

  5. Sir Paul live ...I saw him at Citi Field. Amazing.

    But I know what you mean about Dick van Dyke

  6. If I am receiving flowers, I enjoy carnations. They last so long and smell wonderful.
    How nice you sent cards to your friends. That is the card I sent my friend Lori on the passing of her husband. People are experiencing such loss right now. Loved your answers! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  7. Oh, Dick Van Dyke is such a great all around performer! I never thought of him, but he really could do it all, couldn't he?

  8. This is the first year since I've been teaching at my school that the National Honor Society didn't sell carnations for Valentine's Day.

    Have you read My Lucky Life by Dick Van Dyke? I enjoyed it.

  9. When we were still watching TV, we watched the Dick Van Dyke show religiously. Good times!
    I love the peppery smell of carnations. The tortoises like the TASTE! the brats.
    What Diana said... 💔 Heartbreaking..