Friday, December 25, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Purple Snowflakes (2018)

1) The lyrics ask where the snowflakes go. Sam can answer that: she shovels them! Do you shovel or use a snow blower? Or do you live in a warmer climate with no snow? None of the above. I live in a condo building, so we have a snow removal service. I wish we had a janitor on premises, like Fred Mertz, because sometimes by the time the service gets here, I've already been through the front door, down the stairs and over the walk, trudging through the white stuff. If I wasn't already paying for the service, I might get out there and shovel it my damn self.

2) This week's artist, John Legend, recalls his Christmases growing up, singing carols with his family around the piano. Do you have a piano, or any other musical instruments, in your home? Nope.

3) This song is from John Legend's first Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas. It was a massive hit. Did you add any new music to your holiday collection this year? Kinda sorta. In that I never got around to playing my own Christmas carols and just let Alexa handle it. Yeah, I was lazy. But she has a much wider selection than I do.

4) John and his wife Chrissy Teigen go caroling with friends. What's the last song that you sang? "C'mon it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you." Of course I dueted with my annual Christmas date, Andy.

5) Chrissy's hobby is cooking. While she likes experimenting with new recipes, her young children prefer their familiar favorites, like mashed potatoes. She tosses a bay leaf into the water as the potatoes boil to add enhance the flavor. Do you have a dish that's considered your specialty? Nope.

6) John prefers to unwind with a good book and loves comparing reading recommendations with friends. Did you discover any books in 2020 that you'd like to recommend to our Sat 9ers? If you like mystery/thrillers, I recommend Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger. In non-fiction, I finally got to Night to Remember. Written back in the 1950s, it's the definitive study on what happened the night The Titanic went down. It was engrossing!

7) This song was written by Motown powerhouse Marvin Gaye. Who is your favorite Motown artist? The supreme Miss Diana Ross.

8) In 1972, Marvin wrote another Christmas song, "I Want to Come Home for Christmas." He dedicated it to the troops then serving in Vietnam. Do you know anyone who is protecting us this holiday season? Tell us about him or her. Whether they are in the armed forces, the police or fire department, or the ER, we want to say thank you! I'd also like to thank all the essential workers who kept our lives going, day to day, during this past year. It must not be easy to deal with the public, some of whom are silly and selfish and refuse to wear masks, thereby putting you at risk.

9) Random question: You go into the kitchen to make your perfect sandwich. What fixings do you need? Oh! Since I've been on a bland diet,* I think of food more than ever! Right now I'd like ham on wheat, with lettuce and mayo. And a pickle.

*Everyone thinks of respiratory issues when they think of covid. During my bout with the virus, I never had any breathing issues. But my gut has been more than a little rebellious! If you find yourself having tummy trouble, call your doctor. It could be covid!


  1. Ha! I live in a house, but I'd like to have a Fred Mertz on staff. Because of my husband's work schedule I'm usually the one out there doing the shoveling. It's not that bad most of the time, but this winter keeps dumping heavy wet stuff on us. I'm over it. Both of those books sound goood. I'll add them to my ever growing "want-to-read" list. Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Covid affects everyone differently. This is what the general public seems to not understand. I hope your tummy troubles clear up soon.

  3. A pickle!!! I meant to put that with my perfect sandwich. I love the Boar's Head garlic dill spears. Scrumptious!

  4. I have been seeing Confessions on the 7:45 on Goodreads. I am going to add it to my list with your recommendation. Thanks for that! I am always looking for books to read. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. Being retired I am in no rush to get my drive done, I tell the guy who does my driveway don't rush I'm not usually going anywhere so do those who are working first.

  6. I've had Alexa or Spotify playing my holiday tunes, too. I just couldn't deal with digging out my own CDs this year. I have an extensive collection.