Monday, October 26, 2020

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth


Cook County is now experiencing a spike.

Betty wants our movie group to transition from Zoom to in-person get togethers because she "misses us" and she is "bored." And, "We have to get back to our lives."

I miss seeing films on the big screen. I'd love to share pizza and beer with fellow movie lovers. 

But Zoom is fine because THERE'S A PANDEMIC!

Betty is a 60 year old mother of two adult daughters. She drives and votes. Scary, isn't it?


  1. My brother's mother-in-law died from Covid over the weekend. I know 5 people who have died from it and my sister-in-law is very ill with it. It's definitely no joke.

    On another topic, are you getting the smutty spam again? It went away and today it came back on my blog. It is very violating.

  2. We had a scare at school--my colleague is still in quarantine--and the kids are starting to get how serious it is.

  3. Reading this and everyone's experiences/reactions to it just makes my heart ache.
    This is really a WAR, with a terrible enemy. The ones, besides us and those who've suffered loss, who DO understand this thing, are all the nurses and doctors and EMT's who are out there suiting up every day to fight the battle against Covid19.