Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Make him hear you

 I know that, as the election approaches, we're all being splashed by what JBKO called the "river of sludge." The innuendo and ugly gossip about the Biden family. The unfounded QAnon rumors. Don't let it get you down. The truth is not on their side, so they traffic in conspiracy.

Remember, here is your chance to vote out the man you heard disparage John McCain's war record. The man you heard admit (and never denied) to Bob Woodward that he knew how dangerous the corona virus was and did little to protect us.  The man you heard wish Ghislaine Maxwell well. The man you heard on the Access Hollywood tape.

America is better than our current President. Here's your chance to make him hear you.



  1. I checked to make sure my ballot was accepted--and it was. I'm so glad to have voted!

  2. I have voted. I hope someone hears, because we've been an authoritarian state for four years and no one seems to be paying attention. Thanks for the uplifting words - and just in time, because it *is* getting depressing.