Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: So Emotional (1987)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Whitney sings that she keeps her lover's photo beside her bed. What's on your bedside table? Alarm clock, tissue box, landline phone.

2) She's getting frustrated, waiting for the phone to ring. If your phone were to ring right now, who would you expect to be on the other end? As election day approaches, it's likely a campaign organization. I'm very proud of my work as campaign volunteer and consider involvement part of my civic duty. But boy, once you get on one of those lists ... 😃

3) The video was filmed at Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, PA. It seats 6,200. As the nation reopens from Covid19, would you feel comfortable sitting knee-to-knee with a stranger in an arena like this? Hell to the no. I just passed on an outdoor dinner for 5 because of the virus. I'm not doing a concert any time soon. (BTW, 6,200 sounds pretty small to me. Chicago's United Center seats 23,500 for concerts.)

4) This week's featured artist, Whitney Houston, appeared on the

daytime drama As The World Turns. She played herself, performing with Jermaine Jackson at the Miss Cinderella contest in the fictional town of Oakdale. Have you ever been hooked on a soap opera? I grew up on Erica Kane and the gang in Pine Valley from All My Children. And I loved Dallas. 

Pam, Bobby, Jock, Sue Ellen, JR, w/Lucy & Miss Ellie in front

5) Whitney had a sweet tooth, and her favorite breakfast cereal was Fruity Pebbles. Do you often eat cereal for lunch or dinner? It has been known to happen.

6) At Whitney's wedding to Bobby Brown, her bridesmaids all wore lavender dresses and the groomsmen had custom made alligator shoes. Have you ever "stood up" for a friend or relative? If so, do you remember what you wore? I especially recall one cap-sleeved, v-neck bridesmaid dress because the color was so awful for me. It was called "dusty rose." I remember because the bride's mother -- who was really calling the shots, not her daughter -- would correct me every time I said I was dubious about how pink would look with my red hair. I saw resistance was futile and gave up. After all, the bride wanted me in her wedding party, and that's an honor. So I spent a day looking like a jaundice sufferer.

7) In 1987, the year this song was popular, Cher won the Oscar for Moonstruck. Her most famous line was, "Snap out of it!" When you think of Cher, do you first think of her movies, her TV show, or her music? Probably her music. Though mostly I think of her as CHER, a force of nature.

8) Michael Douglas won the Oscar that year for Wall Street. His most famous line was, "Greed is good." His character goes on to say that, "Greed in all its forms -- greed for life, for money, for love, for knowledge -- has marked the upward surge of all mankind." Do you agree? Kinda. It sounds ugly the way ol' Gordon put it, but he's describing capitalism, isn't he? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs," sounds more generous and fair, but that's socialism.

9) Random question: When you woke up

this morning, were you ready to get out of bed? Or do you wish you could have snoozed for a bit longer? My cat Reynaldo was my alarm clock this morning. He snuggled up so close to me that he unintentionally woke me up. Then I had to pee. He did not wish to be disturbed, but once I move from the bed, he demands and deserves his breakfast. I'm going back to bed for a while after I post this.



  1. I once volunteer to work for a campaign.
    It wasn't bad until we got automatic dialers. Before if I saw several from the same household I asked about the others. But once they got autodialers it would dial the same number 3 times.
    Once an old man answers and I asked for his wife and I heard a walker scraping across the floor coming to answer the questions.
    I decided that wasn't for me.

  2. Who would have thought even 10 years ago our country would be in a battle between capitalism and socialism/communism and facing anarchy in our streets. Selfish greed for power of a few over the majority will do that.

  3. I know what you mean about those lists, but I don’t get phone calls. I spend my day reading texts and emails from virtually every “Star” in my political party.

  4. Yes, once you are on those's a lifetime thing. I volunteered in 2012 and got very involved in the whole political scene. Which showed me there really isn't any right or good side to politics. There is just a lesser of evils to decide on. Both parties are only concerned with winning and keeping or gaining power and control. I came away very disillusioned about the 2-party system.

    1. Oh, Stacy, with all due respect, I am so grateful I'm not as disillusioned as you are. I still believe in this country with all my heart.

  5. Reynaldo is just precious! I hope you got some more sleep!
    I loved Dallas too! I love soap operas still today, there just aren't many on. I was watching a soap opera documentary. It was better than it sounds. They were saying reality shows are today's soap operas. I don't like reality tv though. I like full on drama with the bad guys. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.

  6. I think my closest civic center only seats about 4,200 people. That would be a full house. And also why we've never had Paul McCartney or The Rolling Stones here. Although we did score Elton John once.

  7. dallas... omg yes, didn't miss an episode! My standard poodle often wakes me, he stands up, turns around, then flops as close as possible to us. He goes right back to sleep. Dusty rose looks hideous on me and was all the rage in the eighties

  8. Oh yeah - Dallas. I wasn't really "hooked" on that one, but I did watch it for a while. I'm from Texas and it was just a little too close to home sometimes.
    One of the bridesmaid dresses I wore was "dusty rose" too. Seems to be a popular color for weddings.