Tuesday, September 08, 2020

I guess that's over

It's been two weeks since I've received an x-rated comment.

They used to arrive regularly, often daily, on posts that were always more than a year old. They seemed to be promoting an adult "dating site," except the author was always UNKNOWN with a protected profile. I added that extra "prove you aren't a bot" verification step, but that didn't really have any impact on the comments.

Then they just stopped.

I don't for a moment think it was personal, or anyone trying to harass me (although I did feel harassed). It was most certainly a bot, and a broken one at that, considering that it didn't link back to anything. I wonder if its disappearance isn't a "New Blogger" thing. Maybe there's some innovation or upgrade that now protects us from anonymous dirty comments.

PS By the way, if you're looking for a graphic like the one I used above, do yourself a favor and be absolutely certain you click Safe Search first. I mean, that was creepy there for a moment.


  1. Fingers crossed it's over.

  2. I was getting those as well, and they just stopped. But mine had a link back, which of course I never clicked. They were very invasive and upset me terribly (I felt totally violated) and I am glad they have stopped. I did get one that was not from a bot, it was from a local conservative who called me a foul name and told me what to do with myself. I traced the IP and I know who it was. But the others - no clue why they started or why they stopped.