Sunday, September 27, 2020

Bad Covid19 Karma

In August I posted about Theresa. She just opened a fabric/yarn shop outside Chicago. It's been a tough go during the pandemic, but she's managed to keep the doors open.

The store's policy is simple: customers and employees both must wear masks when they interact. Theresa states it loud and often. So when an elderly woman placed an order by phone, she was told plainly that when she came to the store to pick up her thread, an employee would be happy to walk the order out to her car and wait while she checked it for accuracy, but that she had to be wearing a mask when she rolled down her window. This policy was reiterated in the confirmation email.

When this woman pulled up to pick up her order, she was defiantly maskless. Concerned about her employees' safety, Theresa took the order out herself, handed it to the woman through her car window, and wordlessly turned and walked away.

The woman shouted after her, "You're supposed to stand here while I check my order!"

"You're supposed to wear a mask," Theresa responded.

The woman got home and left Theresa a blistering Google review. Theresa was bereft. She's working so hard to keep her staff safe and employed, and being called "arrogant" and "rude" won't help her little business survive.

GUESS WHAT: The 78-year-old woman is now on a respirator. The others in her sewing circle have posted prayer requests for her recovery from the corona virus. I learned about this from Theresa, who was unable to sleep after hearing the news. The sewing circle was founded to help old friends from the Class of 1960 stay in touch. Now they're all at risk.

I feel the way Theresa does. This is a tragedy, and an avoidable one. It's probably playing out right now in all 50 states.

Covid is not red or blue. It's not a member of the deep state. It is a virus. Be smart. Be considerate of the people you meet. Wear a mask.


  1. This no mask wearing is going to keep driving those numbers.. What a shame people can be such stupid and not be Good Citizens when they absolutely need to follow what they are told is safe. I hope that your friend will get Google to remove that bad review or rebut it. Forcefully!

  2. That makes my heart hurt a little bit.