Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Stealing

Live Journal 5000

1. Who is the hottest celebrity you can think of? It changes. Right now, Rob Lowe. I rewatched The West Wing on Netflix and seeing Sam Seaborn again almost took my breath away. Which is weird because when the show was on in real time, it was Josh (Bradley Whitford) that I crushed on. BTW, in five years, when I look back on this post, I will be startled to read this response because I will be in love with some other celebrity.

2. Do you ever get so nervous that you can't even think? Yes. Now. I have such an overwhelming feeling of dread these days and I can't shake it.

3. Do you sing when there is no music? Yes, but only to myself.

4.Who was the best political leader in history and why? I can only speak to American history. I mean, I'm not prepared to compare/contrast FDR and Winston Churchill, and I know nothing about who was in the Consuls of the Roman Republic. But I am enthralled and inspired by Abraham Lincoln: his wisdom, his compassion, his curiosity, his love of country and respect for mankind. He was also a very savvy politician.

5 If you could dance with anyone in the world right now, who would it be and what song would you dance to? It would be my grandpa. I would let him choose the song. He died when I was in high school, and I just learned recently that in the early 1930s, he worked a second job. On weekends he played bass for a dance band! I had no idea! He was a short man, and he told my aunt he heard people snicker when he dragged his instrument onto the bus because it was bigger than he was. He said he was proud to do it because he was supporting his family. If I could twirl the dance floor with him, I'd ask him to tell me more about that chapter of his life.

6 Finish this sentence your own way. There are two types of people in the world... Those who use the Oxford comma, and those who are wrong.


7 What have you saved since elementary school? I have some class photos around here somewhere.


8 Have you ever won an award? Yes

9. Do you feel more connected to the sun or the moon? Neither. I look at the sky a lot, but it's the color of the sky that intrigues me, not the moon, sun or stars.


10 Do flaws make people interesting to you? Oh, yes.


11 Who is your favorite historical figure? JBKO. She is best remembered today for her clothes, which is unfortunate because she was one of our hardest working and most influential First Ladies. In less than three years she:

•  Restored the White House and took us on a televised tour, winning an Emmy
•  Financed the restoration with funds raised by the first-ever White House Guide Book (she  chose all the photos, foreshadowing her future career in publishing)
•  Personally convinced the French Minister of Cultural Affairs to allow the Mona Lisa to travel to the United States (the first time the painting had left French soil since WWI)
•  Represented the United States flawlessly on solo trips to Greece, Pakistan and India
•  Oversaw the design of the White House Rose Garden
•  Responsible for Air Force One's iconic design

She did all this while enduring a difficult White House pregnancy that culminated with the death of her baby in 1963. We all know the circumstances that caused her to leave the White House for good four months later.

There's courage and accomplishment that I can appreciate but not relate to, like war heroism. But I understand how hard all the above must have been for her, especially while dealing with relentless international press scrutiny. Really, no one but Princess Diana could understand what it was like to be Jackie. She endured much and accomplished more and did it all with dignity.

The First Lady welcomes Andre Malraux and the Mona Lisa to the White House

12. White bread or wheat bread? Depends on what we're having

13. Do you usually do things fast or right? Fast


14. Are you or have you ever been in a band? No

15. Here are 4 statements about me. Only one of them is true. Which one is it?*
a) I just got a third cat and I'm so excited
b) I have a four octave soprano voice
c) I am very particular about my manicure
d) I've recently switched my soda allegiance from Coke to Dr. Pepper
16. Would you wear a thong bathing suit in public? No. And you don't want me to.

17. Have you thought about death today? Yes, in answering about Jackie.

18. What is your favorite breakfast? Lately I've been gravitating toward gooey cheese omelettes.

19. Are you the life of the party? No.

20. If you hit an animal with your car would you get out to try and make sure it was okay? Of course!

21. When do you get your most peaceful and satisfying sleep? I don't even remember. Sleep is a big issue for me.

22. What thought gets you out of bed in the morning? That next paycheck.

23. What are you a member of? The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, my movie group, my church, the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood and The World Wildlife Fund. (The last is in my mom's name. I started getting her mail after she died and learned she was a dues paying member. I maintain it because she'd want me to.)

24. Name one place you refuse to ever go. Anything with TRUMP emblazoned upon it

25. When (and if) people (or animals) go to heaven, do they become angels? Kinda sorta. I believe I will be reunited with my beloved pets when I get to Heaven. Yes, I know that's not in the Bible. No, I don't care. Leave me alone with what comforts me.

*Only d) is true


  1. Hi The Gal Herself:
    I enjoyed your answers today.
    Have a great Sunday my friend.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I believe it is in the bible that animals will be in heaven. For one thing when Jesus comes back, it says he'll be on horseback. Then in Genesis 9 when God tells Noah that they can now eat the animals, it says that animals will be held accountable for spilling human blood. Accountable means judgement to me...and judgement will take place in heaven before the throne of God. So, there you go, animals in heaven!

  3. I like Rob Lowe. I never had a crush on him but he always was one of those celebs I wanted to be friends with. Listening to him narrate his book was like a cozy conversation.

  4. #11 - and she never posed nude for anyone.

    Rob Lowe -- have you read his books? I enjoyed them very much, especially the first one.

    As for which is true, I'll guess the manicure.

  5. Rob Lowe is cute even though he has aged. I believe that our pets will be with us in heaven. I like to believe that my past dogs are with my mom. She loved animals.

  6. #24 - Ha ha - love that answer. Mad me chuckle.




  7. I would love a dance with my grandpa too. What a great answer and I thought about that one, but I really miss my dad.
    I was hoping A was your true statement. I love animals and I hope we are reunited in heaven too! Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  8. Are you saying you don't like the Oxford comma!?!? OMG. I think I will faint.

  9. I was leaning towards d. B would have been cool.