Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Stealing

15 from Friday 5

1. What makes it easy to talk to someone? It helps if the person is open and engaged. My coworker Kara always says, "I hear 'ya!" That makes her my favorite.

 2. Have you ever had a great conversation with a complete stranger? More than a decade ago, I had the best seatmate on a flight to (I think) Atlanta. She worked for Cook County, specializing in elder abuse and was often appointed by the court to represent those who cannot handle their own affairs. At the time, my favorite uncle was deteriorating rapidly and, I was sure, being fleeced by his caregivers. There was little I could do about it, since both my uncle and my mother were convinced the caregivers were kind and wonderful. I unburdened myself about the situation and she listened patiently. She told me that what my family was going through was sadly common, that judges know it when they see it, and once a guardian/administrator is appointed, things would get better. I took comfort in that, and it turns out she was right. The following winter, a guardian was indeed appointed and, it turned out, told the court my uncle was being "exploited" and that his caregivers had helped themselves to his checking and savings accounts. If it hadn't been for that guardian, my uncle would likely have lost his house, too.

 3. Do you like to argue? No. I like it when everyone agrees with me.

  4. Some people like to talk about things, and some people like to do things. Which are you? And some people like to fart around on the internet while watching movies. I'm one of those people.

  5. Who is easier to talk to – men or women? Friends: women. Strangers: men. In striking up small talk, I find it easy to talk sports.

  6. What is your favorite place? 

  7. What is your favorite place in your home? I really do enjoy my morning shower, singing with the shower radio.

  8. Would you most want to live in a city, a suburb or the country? I want to live as close to the city as possible.

  9. What is special about the town you live in? This sign is on lawns all over town, and it sums it up.
10. How much time do you spend in nature? I'm no nature girl. However, I live with cats and with their independent feline spirits, they bring nature indoors.

  11. Do you make up a dinner plan for the coming week? Kinda. In as much as frozen meats have to be defrosted in advance. This week, I'm having beef.

  12. Do you make up a grocery shopping list and stick to it when shopping? I make a list. I don't always refer to it in the store, but I find the act of writing it down helps me remember.

  13. What is one thing that you always buy, but never write down on a list? Gerber baby food. My cat Connie's meds melt so well into the turkey.

  14. Is there anything that you always think you are out of and come home with it to discover you already have a year’s supply on hand? For a while, I was buying barbecue sauce all the time. I've stopped. Now I will run out.

  15. Do you get your groceries delivered? I did. I don't anymore, because stores are so often out of what I'm looking for and I have to punt. My nephew has been working for Instacart this summer, and he reports that people who have their groceries delivered are good tippers.


  1. I knew it would be Wrigley!

  2. Oh my goodness! #2! That is so sad. I am glad there are people like your friend helping them out.
    It was nice watching baseball again yesterday. Busch stadium is too far from me to be my favorite place to be. I do enjoy it though. It is a 3 hour drive from me. We usually go to 1-2 games a year. The AA team is here where I live...well close 30 minutes and I enjoy watching them. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  3. I have a sign similar to the lawn sign hanging on my classroom door. I wish we had grocery delivery service, alas, I'm too rural and remote for such fancy shopping.

  4. WOW, #3 was something else. Glad it finally worked out OK for your uncle.
    I enjoyed your answers.
    Have a great Sunday my friend.

  5. haha #3, me too
    #9... lucky you... our town is more the opposite sad to report. It's one of "those" places... in the un-united states of America. Loved your #2 story

  6. I don't think Insta-cart comes this far out. No one I know uses it, anyway. That sign would last about 1/2 hour in my bright-red area. I feel so unwelcome here anymore.

  7. My daughters all had farm boxes for years, they live in a place that CSA organic local farmers. We started with one for our area in February and have been very pleased
    What a fantastic plane ride companion you had. What a God Send. I hope that more of these crooks can be caught!
    #9...Love that sign! Two neighbors have similar ones. If we weren't so harried at the moment we would, too!