Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Zoom Zoom Zoom-a Zoom

Not really us, but it could be
We had a 4-hour Zoom meeting with my clients. A virtual workshop. At the beginning and end of the meeting, when we met as a group, there were 28 of us. For the gist of the meeting, we were in smaller groups of 7. So far, because of Covid19, I've worshipped via video conference, consulted my GP via video conference, critiqued movies via video conference, met with my therapist via video conference, and now brainstormed with clients via video conference. It's not optimal, but it's safe and worked better than I thought it would.

I argued to be included in this client meeting. Originally it was just supposed to be strategy and account, but thanks to my whining and the new Mr. Big's considerable muscle, representatives from the creative team were included, too. Then I started to worry. Would I do a good job? Do I have enough to contribute? Would my cat Reynaldo moon the participants?

I think I did a good job. I know I contributed. Reynaldo came up on my lap for a head rub or two, but otherwise kept a low profile.

However, the police came. Yes, I had to leave my video conference because there was a cop at my door. It amused my fellow conferees to know that officer wanted me to move my white Mercedes or it would be towed. Because I didn't mute my mic, they heard me tell the cop, "I wish I had a white Mercedes!"

So it was all fine. I'd been worried for nothing. It occurs to me that I worry all the time for nothing.

Tomorrow is my long-awaited mammogram. Let's hope it turns out that in regards to that, I've been worrying for nothing, too.


  1. Finally tomorrow will give you some peace of mind. Results will be soon but you've taken action.

    And now I've got that earworm. Thanks. ;)

  2. Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz! I hope your appointment goes/went well. Fingers crossed for you. I enjoyed this piece. Thank you for sharing it.