Friday, June 12, 2020

You can take the girl out of the White House ...

... but you can't take the White House out of the girl. Now for the MAJOR disclaimer: I have no idea if this actually happened, but it does amuse me. And, as one who has read about JBKO literally since I've been able to read, it does ring true.

While working at Doubleday, Jacqueline Onassis decided to thank her partners in a major project by hosting a party. She emphasized it was a casual get together: "Just pizza and beer for the gang."

Now you may have had beer and pizza with the gang from your office, but your casual get together wasn't held at 1040 Fifth Avenue.

First you'd approach the doorman, who would check his list and confirm that you are, indeed, one of "the gang." Then he would announce you via intercom and point you to the elevator.

You'd get off at the 15th floor and knock on the door. The maid would open the door and then indicate you should wait a moment while she* announced you.

The room becomes quiet and all heads turn to you. Try not to feel awkward.

Your hostess stops what she's doing and crosses the room to greet you. With fingers laced precisely at waist level, she formally welcomes you to her home ... and asks if you'd like your beer in a can or a glass.

*Most likely the ever-loyal Marie.


  1. That's awesome! She is the epitome of class!

  2. Elegant pizza and beer!