Thursday, May 14, 2020

When our President truly "had the best words"

When President Kennedy spoke those words at American University in June, 1963, he was concerned about nuclear war and the Soviet Union. Right now our foe is a virus. To pretend that it respects county lines, or whether our governor is "red" or "blue," is ridiculous. To deny that we share this planet with other countries is short-sighted and perhaps even fatal. Because we are all mortal.

I wonder if we all truly do cherish our children's futures. So many of those who bitch, moan and demand we REOPEN NOW claim to be "pro-life." Yet they are willing to accept a certain number of fatalities to end their own "oppression." If only they valued their neighbors -- whether they live next door or in the neighboring state -- as much as they claim to value the unborn.


  1. I wish everyone in the whole world would read this.