Monday, April 13, 2020

Have we gone soft?

"Government overlording" ... "mainstream (or "lamestream") media hysteria" ... "socialism" ... The blogosphere is full of right wing paranoia. Of course, it's their right to share their opinions on their own blogs, just as it's their right to dismiss me as a "libtard."* They can work themselves into a lather about this all they want -- as long as they stay home.

Cool poster from WWII

But I wonder how these rabid right wingers would have behaved during WWII. Would they have been this unpatriotic then? Today these people foam at the mouth about their personal freedoms being restricted. Can you imagine how they would have similarly bitched and moaned about:

•  Being asked to grow their own vegetables in Victory Gardens?
•  Using ration stamps for household staples?
•  Sticking to a national speed limit of 35 mph to preserve tires and gas?

We have it so much easier than our grandparents did. We are asked to sit on our sofas and watch cable, livestream movies, read books, and pick up carryout as we wait for our government stimulus checks. (Which will be direct deposited -- most of us don't even have to fill out a form or go to the bank!)

The United States is now #1 in corona virus deaths. Now is the time for all of us to serve our country as best we can. Perhaps, instead of fixating on one's inability to buy ammo (!), we should channel our inner grandmas. They didn't complain about shortages and restrictions, they proudly collected bacon dripping and made eggless cakes. I imagine that they would be very ashamed of their soft and selfish grandsons/daughters, who moan so mightily at making far fewer sacrifices for the greater good of their nation.

Or, to borrow from that WWII Navy hero who became president, maybe it would be nice if instead of complaining, we ask what we can do for our country.

*Of course, the suffix "tard" is hurtful. Not to me, but to those with learning disabilities. But then, these tend to be the same people who heedlessly call the COVID-19 "the China virus." This willfully insensitive and cruel language makes me so happy to be on this side of the political divide.


  1. There are a couple of law suites here in Connecticut against the ban on church services... "My religious freedom is being taken way from me!" Other courts around the country have upheld the ban.But Trump has stuffed the federal courts in Southern New England so who knows how that will turn out.

  2. I enjoyed your thoughts. I think that during times like this, we have to take precautions to protect everyone. It should not be a political thing, but a humankind thing. It means we have to take do our part and wait it out for things to get back to "normal" I was thinking of how the people grumbled in the Old Testament(Numbers) and God punished them for grumbling and not trusting in Him. Your article makes me think of my grandma and how she did what she had to do and also helped others with what she had.

  3. Great post! I am having political meltdowns and am afraid I'm simply going to have to stop reading things soon.