Sunday, April 12, 2020

"Grief into gladness"

This morning I attended my first -- and, hopefully, only -- Zoom Easter service. We sang "Morning Is Broken," just like we do every year. Just this year, we were accompanied only by a single guitarist playing alone in her apartment somewhere across town. We each sang remotely, but we sang! Sometimes traditions are balm for the soul.

The sermon was about turning grief into gladness. Our rev admitted that these are unusual times, but reminded us that they won't last forever. Personally, I have moments of anger: I'm in isolation, in the midst of a pandemic that the White House ignored for too long. But here in Illinois, our governor and local leaders have really stepped up, filled that void and worked to protect us. We are blessed.

That's just it! I must remember how blessed I am: Comfortable in my home, healthy, with a paycheck coming on next week.

I am loved. By the people I love, and by Christ.

Right now I'm watching Jesus Christ Superstar.

It's still Easter. It's a miracle, really. It's funny, but I don't really remember details about last Easter. But you can bet I'll remember this one!

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